The abstract should contain a brief introduction of the topic and research goal and hypothesis, followed by methodology used, summary of results, discussion and concluding statement on the major findings of the work along with its significance in lipid and bioresource sectors to about 250 words.

Oral presentation

Audio Visual Equipment

        • Wireless microphone at podium  
        • LCD projector
        • Screen
        • Windows laptop computer 
        • Laser pointer
Due to time constraints, you must use the supplied PC for your presentation. If you have any questions regarding the session room equipment, please contact Suneru Perera

Slide Preparation

        • Presentation material must be substantially identical to the accepted abstract
        • Cite all work or data appropriately
        • No commercial content in slides or presentation lecture (i.e. trade names or trademarked products)

 Please save your presentation file as “CLBC2018 [last/family name]”.  (Ex.: CLBC2018_Qiu.ppt)

You must upload your presentation to the session room laptop at least 15 minutes before the session.

Session chairs and Suneru Perera will be available if needed.

Presentation Timing

Most presentations are 20 minutes in duration, which includes question-and-answer time or discussion.

40-minute presentations are arranged only as pleanary and keynote lectures.

It is important that all speakers stay on time to ensure equal time for all speakers.



Poster dimensions: 3.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Set up posters:  5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Sunday, September 9th.

All  poster presenters should be at their posters from 4.40 pm to 5.40 pm on Monday, September 10th. Students should stay after 5.45 pm until the evaluation for poster competition is over.