Picture of  Philip Thacker

Philip Thacker Emeritus Professor


Animal and Poultry Science

Research Interests

Main areas of research are in the area of evaluating new feed sources for use in swine production and in developing methods to increase the reproductive efficiency of the breeding herd.


B.Sc., M.Sc. (British Columbia), Ph.D. (Alberta)

Selected Recent Publications

P. Hughes, B. Flowers, B. Kemp, R.N. Kirkwood, D. Levis, N. Soede, J. Tillon and P.A. Thacker. 2000. Reproductive Management of Pigs. Guides and Problem-Solving. CD-ROM SUS Multimedia Publications, Melbourne, Australia.

G.L. Cromwell, D. H. Baker, R.C. Ewan, E.T. Kornigay, A.J. Levis, J.E. Pettigrew, N.C. Steele and P.A. Thacker. 1998. Nutrient Requirements of Swine. 10th Revised Edition, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 189 pages.

P.A. Thacker. 1994. Livestock Production for the 21st Century: Priorities and Research Needs. Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan, 327 pages.

P.A. Thacker and R.N. Kirkwood. 1990. Nontraditional Feed Sources for Use in Swine Production. pp 515 Stoneham: Butterworths.

J.F. Patience and P.A. Thacker. 1989. Swine Nutrition Guide, Saskatoon, Prairie Swine Centre, University of Saskatchewan. 260 pp.