Grain Handling and Transportation Summit 2014 hosted by Department of BPBE - watch online

March 26, 2014 - Saskatoon Inn

On March 26, the Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics and the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan hosted a conference on issues arising from the delayed rail car shipments of grain and the economical and logistical impact on the industry. See the Summit website here.

The objective of this Summit was to bring a wide range of stakeholders and experts together to share information regarding the current state of grain movements, price and income prognosis, and to discuss short and long run solutions.

In each session a lead speaker presented in a general forum for input, discussion and debate addressing key topics outlined below.

Welcome Address - By Dean Mary Buhr, University of Saskatchewan

Session 1: The Status of the Grain Transportation System

Overview of Grain Movements By Bruce McFadden, Quorum Corporation

Farm Price Impacts Looking Forward By Cliff Jamieson, DTN

 Session 1: Discussion

Session 2: Meeting the Challenge of Greater Movement

CN's Perspective By David Miller, Canadian National Railway Corporation

Port Perspective By Gerry Gault, Vancouver Grain Workers Union

Independent Inland Terminal Perspective By Perry Pellerin, GNP Grain Source Group

Session 2 - Discussion

Session 3: Markets and Policy Solutions

The Role of Futures Markets and Contract Design By Joe Janzen, Montana State University

 US Experience with Deregulation - By Terry Whiteside, Whiteside & Associates, Billings, Montana

Policy Option to Reduce the Basis - By Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan

Session 3 Discussion


 Session 4: Next Steps for Engagement and Finding Solutions

 Ian McCreary – Grain and Livestock Producer, Bladworth, SKIan McCreary

 Derek Tallon – Grain Producer, Lafleche, SK

 Harvey McEwen- Grain Producer, Francis, SK

Other Sponsors included:

  • Farmers of North America (FNA)
  • Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission